Feuerland Publishing Rights returned by Z-Man

29 April 2020
It's okay, you can still get the games

Feuerland Spiele are responsible for some of our favourite games, including Terra Mystica, Feast for Odin, Gaia Project,, and others, with Z-Man maintaining publishing rights for the English and French Markets. However, after eight years, Z-Man have announced the returning of the rights to Feuerland.


In its statement, it explained that it had been reasonable when Terra Mystica was first released that foreign counterparts localise and import the games for the market, and their partnership began. However, regional publishers now have international options to provide us with our favourite games, and the Feuerland team have been doing this successfully in recent times – ‘with our knowledge and blessing’, say Z-Man Games. It cited recent success at Gen Con 2019 by the team, who attended as an independent studio with their own space, and are looking to do so in further shows in the coming years.


Z-Man also addressed the concerns that you may have in obtaining favourite games at the end of the partnership, however it confirmed there would be no issues with this. You’ll still be able to buy new copies of Feuerland’s games, explaining too that ‘A Feast for Odin, Fields of Arle, and Lowlands will continue to be distributed through Asmodee US, while Terra Mystica, its expansions, and Gaia Project will be distributed by Capstone Games in North America. Although the logo on the box may be different, future reprints will be fully compatible with current stock.’


The partnership seems to have ended on good terms, and so we're looking forward to seeing Feuerland Spiele in the future.

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