Fantastic Worlds Podcast partner with Paizo

06 May 2020
Circus', returning dead gods, Baba Yaga, and an endless winter... What's not to like?

Paizo and Fantastic Worlds productions have announced the latter as an officially licensed partner.


What does that mean? Well, the podcasters of Fantastic Worlds consists of five friends sharing their adventures every two weeks, where they say drama runs high “whether the dice fall in their favour or not!”. Alongside Paizo therefore, as makers of Pathfinder and Starfinderwe’ll be seeing a new actual-play tabletop roleplaying podcast adventure – The Greatest Show on Earth!.


It’s to be set in the circus-themed Extinction Curse Adventure Path for Pathfinder Second Edition. In its description, it says to see how humble performers become reluctant leaders due to a sudden tragedy. It’ll follow how the band of performers rise to the occasion amid mystery and misery – and the sudden rise of the dead god Aroden. It’s up to the heroes to stop the extinction curse.


“We know many Pathfinder players are roleplaying game enthusiasts and many play multiple games—regardless of the edition. And it is always more impactful to see or hear people having fun with your product than to tell people it’s fun; show, don’t tell. So Paizo welcomes the experienced, diverse voices of Fantastic Worlds Productions and we can’t wait to see what stories they tell next!” said Aaron Shanks, Marketing and Media Manager for Paizo.


You can check out the introduction to the podcast by on the Fantastic Worlds Productions Site, with more to follow.


There’s more though, as they’ll also be playing Reign of Winter, with the struggle against the wintery witch Baba Yaga. This will be set in the Pathfinder Regin of Winter Adventure Path, and use the first edition Pathfinder Rules. Episodes of this are will begin with three episodes beginning August 22 2020, and then there’ll be a new episode every Wednesday following. You can find the intro to this one on their site.  

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Finally, don't forget that PaizoCon has moved online! You'll be able to see more of them between May 26th 2020 and May 31st 2020, and signups are open now. 



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