Coming Soon: Age of Sigmar – General’s Handbook and Blood Bowl

29 June 2020
Good news to start the week

This is a nice bit of news for a Monday morning for those Age of Sigmar fans, that more information has been given about this year’s General’s Handbook, which is just around the corner. It’s offering adjustments to balance armies based on feedback and tournament results, plus new ways to battle.


These include a new way to battle in the skies, creating and using bespoke heroes, plus rulesets for games with more than two players – of which it tells us there are loads to choose from, whether you prefer a narrative experience or a war on two fronts, there’s plenty to keep you happily busy.


Plus. if you prefer to keep organised, they’re also offering a Warlord Edition, which includes tokens and reference cards, or you can stick with standard softback or ePub versions.


That wasn’t all that we heard from Games Workshop this weekend though, as in a very different kind of tone we have Blood Bowl, with Spike! Journal 9, which is focussed on hybrid teams with unlikely combinations taking to the pitch with a common goal to win.

Inside, comes three types of mixed teams - Chaos Renegades, Underworld Denizens and Old World Alliance Teams. There’ll be information on their history, how they came together, which includes some violent misunderstandings, and how you’ll be able to coach them to victory. Plus, it promises a ton of puns, which are always appreciated!

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It can come as either a 36 page softback magazine, or digital ePub editions, and more details of its release will be given soon. 


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