Bandido- COVID-19 Free to Print and Play!

13 April 2020
You might be tired of hearing about COVID-19, but this is worth pausing for

It’s no secret that a tonne of print and play games are becoming available, as creators are both eager to help their audiences, as well as probably finding a little more time on their hands.


Helvetiq join the club with a free version of its popular game Bandido, but unlike others, it’s not looking to make a small version of the same game. Instead, with the name Bandido – COVID-19, it’s a new and topical version for new and old players alike.


Helvetiq are clear as to why they made this, one reason of which to provide playful moments between loved ones, but also with a view to ‘to teach the younger ones - and remind the grown-ups - that by working together and adopting the right behaviour, we can succeed and get rid of the unwanted virus!’.


That makes it a cooperative game, whereby whilst the rules remain the same as Bandido, players must seek to stop the virus with only 34 cards, for up to four players. Gestures that can be used in the game include washing your hands, maintaining social distancing, and staying at home. As teaching methods for younger family members goes, playing a fun game to explain real world events is particularly effective, and it’s clear this has been well thought out.


Helvetiq describe themselves as designing new experiences for casual gamers, book lovers, and design aficionados, so it’s no surprise their games are bright and simple to pick up. You don’t need to have a copy of the original game to play, and all the rules you need are included. In a printer friendly move, it’s offering both colour, and black and white versions of the PDF.


Click here to see Helvetiq’s Bandido – COVID-19



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