10 February 2023
Maybe it's time to work together?

Repos Productions has announced another 7 Wonders expansion called Edifice. While there’s already a handful of expansions for the core 7 Wonders game, let alone the spin-off titles of Duel (the head to head version) and Architects (slightly lighter than the original). Previously we’ve enjoyed Armada, Leaders and Babel – plus a bunch of fan made expansions.

Edifice looks to be a simple to set-up with the addition of collaboration being the name of the game. Players can work on communal projects together to earn end-of age bonuses if the edifice is completed – or they can decide to go it alone. This should had a tasty social twist to the classic family game. The game offers 15 new edifice cards for the world’s ‘most awarded’ game (with 33 titles to its name).

February is also 7 Wonders Month – so you'll see a lot of cool 7 Wonders content floating around the internet. And with that in mind, enjoy a few of our favourite 7 Wonders articles:

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