The Ever-Expanding Print & Play List

20 April 2020
Get that printer plugged in, and scissors at the ready; here's a frequently growing list of Print and Plays just for you.

When Coronavirus forced a Lockdown on the nation, it's fair to say most people didn't believe that it would last this long. When we originally wrote this article, we were three weeks into lockdown and there had been a fantastic flurry of print and play games (40 as of 11th May 2020!). The world has since rebalanced in some way, where we've all found a new normal (within lockdown), and as the list has grown, meaning there's never been a better time to check out the stellar options being added, and even more that you may have missed the first time around.


So What is a Print and Play?

It's simply a game that you receive and print out yourself. It might be a board that you place together, it might be a sheet that you fill in, or cards that you need to cut out. Often, you just need a printer and some scissors, but the occasional dice requirement or a pen similar isn't unusual. These are popular ways for designers to test their games at low cost and across the world, and it's for the same reason we're enjoying quite so many in lockdown.


This might be with a view to creating the game itself, as the Tales from the Loop Board Game Kickstarter offered a print and play version to try it out before buying, or it might be unintended - for example, Under Falling Skies began life as a print and play, before now being produced as a board game. 


Plus, if you like the look of or enjoy playing Under Falling Skies, we spoke with its designer in a previous issue of Tabletop Gaming Magazine, which you can still pick up a copy or purchase a digital edition of!


Where can I find them?

Here! Below is a huge list of print and play games, sorted by single game, expansions, and developer offerings (where there are a number of games offered), but are in no particular order. We also wrote a list at the beginning of lockdown of 20 Print and Play Games to help fight Coronavirus Isolation Boredom.


Don't forget to bookmark this page and pop back to check on any new ones. Plus, have we missed any that others should know about? Have you played any of these? Let us know on our socials! You can tweet us, message us on facebook, or on Instagram, and we'd love to hear from you!



Single Game Print and Play

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Construction BOOM

A print and play satirising the laxity with which construction regulations are enforced in Malta - and before you think that's an unusual topic, remember the specificity of many of our favourite games! This is a fun looking tile-laying game.

Get building!


Dream On 

They say it's affectionately named the 'Afternoon Nap Version', this is a print and play tester version of CMON's game Dream On. You'll enter into a collective dream and tell a story by cards, but you'll need to remember them when you wake!



Don't hit snooze on this one!



Now, it's not that you're downloading all of Decrypto, but you can print and play some fun extras on their site, which includes a Klingon version, and extra puzzles, so if you already enjoy the game, this is a nice addition for you. 

You can find the files on their website


Wine IQ

A sneaky extra addition from Helvetiq after their COVID-19 Bandido, now we have Wine IQ, a way to test whether the lockdown is causing your fellow gamers to drink any old wine, or if they really know their stuff. 


Drink and play responsibly. 

Meeting Madness

Fed up of office politics from home? Want to soothe some of the chaos and get back to organised? Check out Meeting Madness by Going Rogue, where you'll gain points for scheduling meetings, and avoiding that one person who always derails your plans. It's designed to play over video conversation (Skype, Zoom, Hangouts, etc), so print your timetable and get scheduling.



You can download what you need from Going Rogue's site

Metro X

From the makers of the popular Sushi! GO comes a free print and play version of the rail-and-write game Metro X, with how to play, and play with them over on their Facebook. 


Check out Metro X here

Obama Llama

Thanks to Big Potato Games, we've got a print and play of its hit party game Obama Llama (the first)- though it's formatted in such a way that you can play from your phone if preferred. Great for a giggle, it requires little to no skill, just an enjoyment of obscure rhymes of celebrity names. 

Check out Obama Llama by clicking here!


Under Falling Skies

Czech Games edition are offering Under Falling Skies: Print and Play version for free. The protoype for this game won several awards last year, and since then the game has been enhanced, and since COVID-19 and a desire to help, the rulebook updated. What's left is a 9 card print and play solo game, which you can play at no cost. Plus, we spoke to the designer within issue 48 of Tabletop Gaming Magazine, which you can check out on our online store.

Check it out by clicking here. 


What list would be complete without CATAN? We're being offered new scenarios, rule variants, printables, and more (the and more includes backgrounds you can use in video chats!). 

You can see CATAN by clicking here. 

Oh, Sheep


Another pre-launch game for us, this time it's Oh, Sheep, with a Kickstarter due later this year. The aim of the game isn't to win, but to make sure you don't lose! You'll need to clear the cards in your hand before your fellow players, of which, it's suitable for 2-5 players.

You can check it out by clicking here. 


Tales from the Loop


Tales From the Loop: the Board Game launched and was successfully funded on Kickstarter, but with it, a free print and play version of the game. It may only be a prototype of the main game, but it has some gorgeous artwork and looks to be well worth some printing and cutting in order to play. 



You can see the Kickstarter and Print and Play by clicking here


Cactus Card Games


Snaggle Gap Games are somewhat new to the gaming world, but hit the ground running with a free print and play of their game Cactus Card Games. You'll also find Got You Covered, a second game available for free, but shh - that one's not a print and play!

You can check those out by clicking here.



Renegade Games have been spoiling us with their #FreeContentFriday, in which they've offered a print and play of Wonderland. Originally exclusive to International Tabletop Day 2018, it's now available to download for free. 



You can go down the rabbit hole by clicking here.



Isle of Cats


We took a look at the polyomino, card-drafting, cat placement board game in our upcoming issue of Tabletop Gaming Magazine, (there’s still time to subscribe to check this out!) Isle of Cats board game in our upcoming magazine, so we’re excited to see a remote version has already been made.


Isle of Cats game board

Save the cats!


Bandido – COVID-19


Whilst COVID-19 has caused a lot of games to become print and play, Helvetiq took it one step further and made a print and play about COVID-19. An adaptation of their game Bandido, this is a simple but fun game with helpful underlying lessons about staying safe and washing your hands.



Check out Bandido – COVID-19




Thunderworks Games is giving away Bullfrogs in a print and play edition. This is the first game the studio released in 2017, whereby a war rages atop lily pads as you deploy your frogs of war across the battlepond. This is a game that can be supplemented with some resource token from your Eurogame collection



Click here to download Bullfrogs





You can get the excellent Corinth by Days of Wonder in print and play format. This game is an easy one to turn into a print and play, as it’s a roll and write!



Click here to download Corinth




Love Letter: Sender


Z-Man introduced a print and play version of its classic game Love Letter, which it describes as being remade for the modern world – moving into the world of online dating. 



Click here to download Love Letter: Sender


Rolling Realms


Made specifically as a result of Coronavirus isolation, this infinitely scalable game was initially made to play with any number of others via Facebook Live. The game is made up of nine mini games, of which you use three per round over three rounds. It confesses not to have been made with the intent of mass production, but we can let it off, as it’s fair to say it’s in consideration of our isolation boredom!



Click here to download Rolling Realms


Tussie Mussie


Wingspan was this particular editor’s game of the year for 2019, and you’d expect the creator of that to go on to great things. And Elizabeth Hargrave has, with Tussie Mussie. While this one isn’t free like those before it, Tussie Mussie is a lesson in forgotten communication, making it worth a mention.


Click here to download Tussie Mussie





Expedition is a print and play that is a so called ‘lightweight’ RPG. Unlike others, this is the full version of the game (though you can purchase a professionally printed version if you wish). It also holds a companion app, though you can access this in a web browser if you prefer, and can be played solo.



Click here to download Expedition


BODEGA (Renamed to Brick and Mortar)


BODEGA is a two to four player game, described as a 'delightfully tense economic game'. BODEGA is actually a game coming soon, and if you like the game, you can back it on Kickstarter when it launches. 



Click here to download Brick and Mortar




Another game requesting play testing, 18Dracula involves 'buying shares in front companies and monsters to acquire blood donations for Dracula'. This is a 'pay what you like' print and play, and so suitable for any budget. 



You can download 18Dracula by clicking here. 


Developers offering Print and Play’s


Portal Games


In some cases, makers are offering more than one option. In a self proclaimed attempt to help with #StayHome, Portal Games has prepared a number of print and play games. These includes Detective: Suburbia, Empires of the North, Sand Runner, and Imperial Settlers.



Click here to see the print and play by Portal Games




Asmodee has provided six of its popular family games with a print-and-play option for free download. These include Dobble, Dixit, Combo Colour, Unlock, Cortex (coming soon), and Timeline Classic. The games are shorter or demo versions of the purchasable game, but are a great way to pass the time with a range of audiences.  



Click here to see print and play by Asmodee


Story Machine Games


Next up is Story Machine Games, who are giving us four choices in Roll to Escape, Rosetta: The Lost Language, 100 Things, and Starline Industries. The interesting part is Rosetta: The Lost Language full game will be out in June 2020, so you're getting a preview ahead of time. 



Take a look at their games here.


Print and Play Expansions to Existing Games


The Walking Dead: All Out War – No one Stands Alone


This is a free expansion offered to the existing Walking Dead: All Out War game, named No one Stands alone. You’ll use your existing characters in a situation provided by the expansion



You'll find No one Stands Alone by clicking here


Kingdomino – The Court


Once a winner at the Speil de Jahres, Kingdomino has received a print and play expansion named The Court. You’ll need either Kingdomino or Queendomino in order to play  



See Kingdomino - The Courts here.



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