Zoom Backgrounds to Up Your Virtual Meeting Game

15 April 2020
Just because we have to be at home, doesn’t mean we can’t imagine we’re elsewhere.

Video chat has always been used in long distance business situations, but never with the frequency or level that it’s seeing now. From Skype, to Hangouts, to Discord, to House Party, there are numerous offerings to complete the required work meetings, which serve a dual purpose of being your social interaction that day.


That’s not to say you can’t have fun in these meetings though, and Zoom has shot to popularity with reasons that include its ability to change the background of the user. You’re probably sat in a spare room that was never designed to be an office, if not simply at the only table in the house, but with Zoom, you can put any picture as a background and appear far from home.


Dungeon Degenerates (by Goblinko, whose Kickstarter launched last week, we talked about it here!)., have offered a psychedelic range of backgrounds in their signature art style, that will serve to wake up anyone in your meeting through brightness alone, which you can pick up here.


Handiwork Games have also hopped right on this bandwagon, and the creators of Beowulf are offering some created by Paul Bourne on a pay-what-you-want basis. There are ten static, and two animated backgrounds, to add all the drama you could want to that meeting you didn’t! You can pick these up over on their website.


Thunderworks Games has also suggested its own artwork from its upcoming Roll Player Adventures game. There are two images available on its website, and another on its twitter.

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You can also use your own images, from favourite games to characters, to make your own drama.


On the other hand, it’s worth considering if your background is cool enough without the replacement. Got some boardgames behind you on your shelf? Watch as your colleagues try to identify the ones they know, and the ones they’ll ask to borrow when things are back to normal!



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