Zine Quest 3 is Live on Kickstarter

01 February 2021
A mag-nificent indie offering

Zine Quest, the RPG ‘zine creation creator challenge run by Kickstarter has kicked off for 2021. If you’ve always wanted to turn your homebrew roleplaying game rules into a ‘real thing’ this is your chance to make a splash at the shallow end of crowdfunding. 

The brief for the design challenge is to create maps, monsters, rulesets, systems, comics, art or adventures for roleplaying games, to be produced in a zine-like format. Kickstarter suggest a “single-color unbound, folded, stapled, or saddle-stitched RPG zine on A5 or smaller paper” – but really the format only needs to be in the spirit of ‘zine making.

Zine Quest has become a popular launchpad for a number of indie games, including Artefact, Beak Feather & Bone, and DELVE: A Solo Game of Digging Too Deep. For those who enjoyed our recent Soloist column in issue 51, all about Solo RPGs, this is your chance to know what’s coming up in the solo RPG space especially.

Want to get involved? Head over to and start your project now.

You can see projects that have already launched for Zine Quest, and some older projects from previous events, here.

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