You can now play Ticket to Ride On Board Game Arena

28 September 2022
No download needed

Ticket to Ride was a gateway game for many of us, and certainly throughout it's multiple iterations and recreations, it's remained a steadfast friend of our gaming shelves. At its simplest, it's asking you to connect routes for points, but as always, that's not all you've got to consider when you're playing a tabletop game. After being available through a Steam game made by Asmodee Digital, which cost – though was frequently available on sale – you can find Ticket to Ride for as part of a premium subscription to Board Game Arena. 

Board Game Arena is a way to play popular titles, fully licensed, directly from your browser, meaning you can hop into a game with friends with ease. Signing up for an account is free, with many games being available without purchase. Premium membership allows access to all games, new modes, and inviting friends who don't have premium accounts to play – namely, only one of your group need be charged in order to hop into a game of Ticket to Ride. 

Though not available at present, a number of expansions will also come to Board Game Arena in future. 

Board Game Arena has seen an increase in available games since its acquisition by Asmodee in February 2021, which have gone on to expand into competitions and tournaments, playable online. 


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