Asmodee Acquires Board Game Arena

11 February 2021
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The popularity of board game simulators has soared, not least because of the increased enjoyment of board games in the wider society, but also because many of us have been in some kind of COVID-19 related lockdown for the last year. Essentially, such sites let us play board games virtually, with friends we may be separated from. One such simulator, Board Game Arena, has experienced 600% growth in 2020, and as a result, has joined with Asmodee to continue to grow. 

Board Game Simulator provides versions of over 250 games, which include Asmodee favourites such as Carcassonne, Jaipur, and 7 Wonders, as well as many others. The move has been considered 'natural' as the teams have known each other for a long time, and doing so will support the continuous growth and development of the simulator. 

Grégory Isabelli et Emmanuel Colin, BGA cofounders, comment: "Working with Asmodee allows us to continue our massive growth, with a partner that shares our love and passion for board gaming. Asmodee fulfils a non-criteria for us: that BGA is always run by absolute board game fans whose core business is board game.” 

“Our growth is based on one crucial commitment: offer the best gaming experience to consumers and bring our brands to the widest audience”, said Thomas Koegler, Head of Strategy at Asmodee. “Having a platform that allows players from all over the world to meet, play their favourite games together or discover new games is a natural fit alongside our amazing catalogue of board games. Skull and Splendor will be in the coming weeks the first of a long list of Asmodee releases on the platform: we hope that players will enjoy them!"

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Asmodee has confirmed BGA will remain independent, and current management will continue. Pricing and the editorial line will also continue as it stands now. 

Given the quality of games on BGA, we look forward to seeing even more brought to it, as top titles from Asmodee will be added!




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