World of Warcraft Back on Tabletop, with a Pandemic System

08 July 2021
World of Warcraft with Pandemic gaming elements?

The Lich King and his legion of Scourge have returned, and you'll find them invading the tabletop this fall. 

That's the news from Blizzard Entertainment and Z-Man Games, with a board game crossover. Though details are currently scarce (though having said that, you'll be able to find a feature on this very game in the next issue of Tabletop Gaming Magazine, issue 57 so stay tuned for that!), we know it'll be available later this year, and will feature miniatures of some pretty epic characters. A trailer has been released that you can watch below, which offers a glimpse at those, as well as the board style we'd expect of Pandemic. 

The game will focus on The Wrath of the Lich King, the second WoW expansion from 2008, and images suggest it will take place in Northrend

The mixture of the two (Pandemic and World of Warcraft) seems unusual at first glance, but has a great deal of potential, not least in the fact that an in game pandemic occurred in World of Warcraft previously, but also in how Pandemic has adapted to others previously. We've seen World of Warcraft on tabletop before, with Small World of Warcraft only last year.

 If you want to stay tuned for precisely how this will come to life be sure to check out the Z-Man Games website, and issue 57 of Tabletop Gaming Magazine

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Can you defeat the dreaded Lich Lord?



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