What are some of the Best Games To Play Outside? Here are Ten!

24 April 2021
Sometimes choosing the right board game to play outside can be tricky, but we're here to help

WATCH HERE: Charlie takes us through some of the best games to play outside

With the fickle British weather, we have to make the most of the sunshine when it blesses us with its presence, and with practically scorching (compared to the snow that appeared earlier this month) temperatures, there's no better time than to lug those boxes of games onto the outdoor table (maybe give it a wipe down first, it's been a long time since we've seen sun!). Of course, that led us to wonder which might be the best games to do so with.

Based on a feature written within Tabletop Gaming Magazine, we took a look at ten of the best games to play outside, and now you can watch our reasonings too! From Throw Throw Burrito to Santorini, we've got a recommendation for all weather types. In fact, you can see the original article by clicking here, otherwise, join Charlie in the video as she gets excited about a whole range of games. 

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Plus, whilst these lists are super fun to make, we know that condensing any category down to just ten means that we have to miss a few games... so we're asking you, which games do you tend to take outside with you? Which ones are you looking forward to taking outside with you this summer? What games should make the next list?

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Enjoyed this ten of the best? You can see our last one, looking at Miniature Games below!


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