Weekly Kickstarter Round Up: Wednesday 1st July

01 July 2020
Here're the ones you may have missed this week!

It's Wednesday already? That's gone so quickly! And since last week, there's been tons of new Kickstarters to take a look at. Our roundup this week features seems to contain less big box games than usual, so here's to the quirky and different ones!


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Mantis Falls (A game of trust)

With the brilliant tag line "Like life... a cooperative game that's only really cooperative sometimes.". Players live and die on dark film noir roads of Mantis falls in the 1940s, a mountain town ruled by the mob. You'll need to work together - sometimes - to survive.

Is it funded? Yes

What’s the pledge to get a copy? 

When does it end? July 30th 2020

Where is it? Learn to distrust your friends in Mantis Falls


🐨 Lost In Straya

In all of the advertising done for Lost in Straya, I've yet to see it without the friendly Koala proceeding it, so it can stay in our header too. Lost in Straya is a fast survival card game based in the Australian Outback, about fighting, crafting, and scavenging. You'll need to be the first player to get rescued by finding mobile phone signal!

Is it funded? Yes

What’s the pledge to get a copy? AUS$16 (about £9) for an Early Bird Offer

When does it end? July 22nd 2020

Where is it? Get Lost in Straya over on Kickstarter


Recipe For Disaster

Time to prove you're cool as a cucumber, where you'll be building your collection, bluffing and telling stories, and competing to create the best dish. Complete with dumpster box and timer, it's a great looking game for 3-6 players.

Is it funded? Yes

What’s the pledge to get a copy? £33, and includes print and play version

When does it end? July 24th 2020

Where is it? Discover your inner master chef with this game


Houston, We Have a Dolphin!

This is a social deduction game in space, where your spaceship has been sabotaged by devious dolphins. It's hard to know who to trust, but you need to repair the ship using dangerous spacewalks. If one of the players astronauts is a dolphin, you'll be sabotaged! it also comes alongside an app to play in full.

Is it funded? No, it's at 73%

What’s the pledge to get a copy? €26 (about £24)

When does it end? July 28th 2020

Where is it? So long and thanks for all the fish!


Unlikely Heroes: Vikings, Cowboys & Pharaohs

Funded in five minutes, this a co-operative or solo game for between 1 - 4 players, with differing core boxes so you can pick your unlikely hero. You'll choose a character and a quest and follow along with the story, picking up clues as you go to solve the quest entirely. 

Is it funded? Yes

What’s the pledge to get a copy? DKK 129 (about £16 for one quest)

When does it end? July 23rd 2020

Where is it? Choose your hero over on Kickstarter!


Roar and Write! An Animal Kingdoms Game

This is a roll and write game, for one to MANY players (as anyone who has a score sheet can play). It's a press your luck game about impressing council members, who are choosing the new monarch for the Animal Kingdom. Each member is impressed differently, so to get to the top you'll need to appease them, but as always it's never as simple as it sounds!

Is it funded? Yes

What’s the pledge to get a copy? US $19 (About £16, also with a print and play)

When does it end? July 24th 2020

Where is it? Rule the Animal Kingdom in Roar and Write!


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