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14 April 2020
Monochrome desolation meets troubled memories in a race to escape the aftermath of the end of the world

You can never really be certain how good a game will be when it launches on Kickstarter, but there are always some signs you can look out for.  


When Veilwraith: A Solo Fantasy Quest Game launched on Kickstarter on 8 April 2020, and was fully funded within an hour, we’d call that a good sign.


As it sits now, Veilwraith is actually at over 420% of its original £15,000 goal, after less than a week. We’d call that an even better sign.


And our excellent final sign is the fact that the creator is Tristan Hall, which means we can be pretty confident in this game. We’ve reviewed Tristan’s games in the past, and even named Gloom of Kilforth one of the best games of its year.


As well as this, we took a look in our last issue at Shadows of Kilforth, another set in the universe of the Kilforth games, which in itself was funded within 42 minutes on Kickstarter. No worries if you missed that one – you can grab a digital or print copy.


So, what is the game?


Veilwraith is a fantasy card game set after the world of Kilforth has been destroyed, and only memories of it remain. This is a beautiful game played in monochrome, as a result of  the fade and decay of colour from the end of the world. It’s a solo game, which is great for our current circumstances, but can also be combined with other owners of the game to play in multiplayer.

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In it, you’ll play over a series of games of ‘Vignettes’, which make up the campaign. You’ll need to collect five keys, defeat the foes, and evade the Archfiend, before you can try to reach the portal to escape beyond the veil and win the game.


There’s also an additional pledge available for the game’s expansion, in Veilwraith: Absolution, adding 15 Vignettes to your campaign and numerous new cards and enemies.


It looks to be a beautiful world to be a part of. You can join the Kickstarter from today.




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