Up to 80% off In Asmodee Digital Sale on Steam

08 October 2021
Big discounts for Publisher weekend

Whilst it's fair to say we prefer a tabletop version where possible, when it isn't being able to bring the tabletop to the digital world offers a whole new set of opportunities. Asmodee have digitalized a number of their classic games, which are available through the digital platform for PC games Steam. This week marks Publisher Weekend, and so from the 7th to 11th of October, huge discounts can be found on their digital items.

Full Steam Ahead for Ticket To Ride

For example, you can pick up the classic Ticket to Ride for £3.49, 50% off of it's RRP – with associated discounts across its expansions also available. Patchwork is £1.29, a reduction of 75%, Pandemic is 60% off, with 30% off of many of its expansions. Find games like Mysterium, Splendor, Terraforming Mars, Scythe, Carcassonne, and more. Of course, be sure to check your system operating requirements before purchasing.

Here's Five Digital Board Games We Recommend

Although sales are frequent, it's a good opportunity to fill holes in your collection, or try out new games at a lower price before adding them to your physical collection. 

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