The Mind: Extreme Available from Today

21 May 2020
Non-professional telepaths need not apply

Today marks the release of The Mind: Extreme from Pandasaurus. The Mind, created by Wolfgang Warsch – famously the received of three Spiel des Jahres nominations in a single year – tested not your strategy or ability, but your psychic powers.

Consisting of 100 cards, you’ll try to play the cards of your own and the other players in an ascending order. Which sounds perfectly straightforward, until you see the rule that players cannot consult each other, and thus, reliant on ESP. You’ll play a number of levels, but more levels means more cards, which means more information


It does sound (and it is) a little unusual, but it’s the type of game that might sound strange, but plays incredibly well. Successes in this game feel like true victories, and it does feel like you’re channelling some untapped energy when it goes well. If that wasn’t enough, we considered it an editor’s choice game. How do you follow that up then? Well, with The Mind: Extreme.


Picking up where The Mind left off, you’re now juggling two separate decks running up to 50, rather than the single deck of 100 cards as before. The two decks are separate colours to distinguish them, and you can play to whichever you like – however one Deck is ascending, and one deck is descending. Some levels even play blind, which was an optional and advanced rule from The Mind, meaning you won’t know if you’ve lost lives until the deck is turned over at the end of the level.

It’s all the fun and frustration of the Mind, extended into a new gameplay to feel fresh. Now in English, you can find more details over on the Pandasaurus site.

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