The Isle of Cats – Remote Edition

10 April 2020
Real cats – the kind that interrupt your board games by sitting on them – not included.

Coronavirus has affected us in a number of ways, from staying inside and away from family, to being conscious of precisely how many toilet rolls are in the house. We’re all having to think differently, and for game designers, this is no different.


Enter The Isle of Cats, whose game has recently entered retail and which we’ve reviewed for our next magazine. You can subscribe to our magazine in print or digitally in advance to see our thoughts on the polyomino, card-drafting, cat placement board game by clicking here.




But with COVID-19 looming, designer Frank West has used the time in lockdown to design, create, and play a remote edition of The Isle Of Cats, that we can enjoy from the comfort of our home.


Whilst still in some level of testing, you can access the current version this on the website, by clicking here. You’re also invited to a steaming of the playtest, where you can play along and offer your own comments on it on Twitch.


Equipment wise, all you’ll need is for the PDF provided to be printed and a copy in front of each player, and a different coloured pen or pencil for each player. You do not need to have a copy of the original game, and an explanation of how to play will be provided during the stream.  The full remote edition will be officially released within the next few weeks.


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You can join in with the next stream on Friday 10 April at 20:00 BST, with all details published on The City of Kings website, accessible by clicking here.





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