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18 March 2021
With special guest

The newest issue of the Tabletop Gaming Podcast is now live, and our special guest is Paul Grogan of Gaming Rules!

Paul is well known for his videos, (click here to check out his Youtube channel) from How to Plays to opinions and reviews, and everything in between - plus, he also writes, edits, and proofs rulebooks, so it's fair to say he knows his stuff. 

He's talking to Chris about teaching games, in which we get his top five games, talk about teaching games at shows, at home, and all the pleasures and pains of learning new games. 

Plus, we'll be chatting about those rulebooks, the ways people are getting them right, and conversely, the ways rulebooks are getting it wrong. 

You can find our podcast on all of your favourite platforms, however, to find it online, click here, and a link to Apple Podcasts is below. 

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In other exciting news, Paul will be joining us at the Virtual Spring Showcase! He's got a brilliant video for us with the Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2021. You'll need to tune in to watch, and that's over the weekend of 27th - 28th March 2021, and you can find more details by clicking here. Plus, there's a chance to win a mystery box!

That's not forgetting he kindly joined us at Tabletop Gaming Live 2019 - you can see that video below!



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