Virtual Tabletop Gaming Spring Showcase


The team behind Tabletop Gaming and Miniatures Wargames return this spring with a showcase of what the gaming community is looking forward to for 2021 and beyond.

Over the weekend of the 27th - 28th March 2021 gamers can visit this page (which will be taken over) to watch announcements, new game playthroughs and sneak peeks of what’s coming from our favourite publishers and designers over the next few months, entirely free.

The Tabletop Gaming Spring Showcase will let gamers see and hear first-hand from designers and publishers what they’ll be playing later in the year and beyond.

The free virtual show does not require sign up. Attendees will be able to browse stands and video content from publishers big and small as well as retailers at their own pace, just like a real convention.



We join indie games designer and writer Ellie Dix to play her upcoming game of space escape, Uranus! Can three different space colonies work together to make it safely to Uranus before their moons explode? You’ll have to tune in to find out. 

Free League

We catch up with Tomas Härenstam of Free League to talk about upcoming titles from the publisher of Alien: The Roleplaying Game, Symbaroum and Vasen. We’ll chat about being a Colonial Marine, Free League’s new starter sets, and much more.


We smash play-dough monsters together, virtually, with the creator of this entry level wargame about wizarding warfare. We’ll be playing digitally, but don’t worry, we’ll have a smash cam set up for the all important monster squashing.

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The Phantom Card Game

Join indie game designer Mikal Lyck showing off a playthrough of his classic superhero card game, The Phantom Card Game. We get a full playthrough of the game and see the finished cards and art up close. Jump into the world of the first comic book hero.

Playing Frosthaven

Head out to the frozen wastes with Isaac Childres as we play an example scenario from the upcoming Frosthaven. We introduce a few new monsters not yet seen before and get to grips with some of the trickier classes available from this record breaking game.

Five Games For Doomsday

We hang out with Ben from Five Games For Doomsday – but not to talk about the end of the world. Instead we’re taking a look at what games we’re looking forward to over the next year or so, and discuss gaming post-pandemic.


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