Superfly Previews from Iello

17 June 2020
You don't want to let this one out the window

Iello has been on a roll recently with their releases, where we’ve seen King of Tokyo Dark, Break The Code, and more. In fact, we reviewed some of these in our upcoming magazine, which you can grab digitally or physically on June 24th. Since then, they’ve now previewed a new game called Superfly, which will be available in stores on June 18th.


The game itself is about flies – unsurprisingly given the title! But perhaps you like the flies, and the variety of them that there are – hungry ones, turbo ones, adorable little baby ones, Queens, Romantic ones, sleepy ones… they’re not quite the seven dwarves, but they’re on their way! You’ll be trying to build the biggest collection with matching colours or series.



The fun part of the game is the real flyswatter you’re given in order to trade your cards. If there’s a card on the table you need for your collection, on an agreed signal (such as 1,2,3, or SUPERFLY) you’ll use the flyswatter to lay claim to it. If you’re the only player who wants the card, then success! It’s yours. If your fellow players also want the card, however, you’ll need to roll for it. It’s all about being quick and tactical, and building the best possible collection.


In the box you’ll receive five fly swatters, 11 Fly hunter tokens, 1 first player token, 36 fly cards, and of course the rule book. It’s suitable for 3-5 players, aged 6 and over.

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If Superfly sounds like a game you need, you can pick it up at your FLGS or on the Iello site.



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