Super Cats! The new game from The Op

01 June 2020
A new purrrr-fect speedy game

This is a strategy game, turning rock-paper-scissors into a multiplayer card game. You’ll need to try to transform your cats by outwitting your friends, who then can act as defence t let RoboDog win.


It’s from award-winning designers Antoine Bauza (Takenoko, Hanabi), Corentin Lebrat (Takenoko: Chibis, Flying Goblin), Ludovic Maublanc (Attack on Titan: The Last Stand), Nicolas Oury (Mykerinos), Theo Riviere (Unlock!: Epic Adventures, Draftosaurus), and Naide (Tokaido), so there’s plenty of board game credibility



You’ll assemble your cards, choose a number with your hands while shouting SU-PER-CATS. The largest unique number wins, and the winner flip over their cards to reveal a super cat. The first player to turn all of their cats to super cats becomes the hero. The hero will then battle the Robodog, controlled by the other players. You’ll battle until all the super cats are defeated, or all of the robodog cards are destroyed.


The game is for ages 8+, for 2-5 players, and takes around 15 minutes to play. For your purchase, you’ll find inside the box 30 Cat Cards, 6 Activation Cards, 12 RoboDog Cards, 1 SilverCat Card, 1 GoldenCat Card and of course the rules.

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The game will be $9.99 and is available from The Op




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