Stormlight Miniatures see Brandon Sanderson stay on top of Kickstarter

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26 September 2022
From a shadow drop of new books, to the continuation of the gaming line through Brotherwise, the support for the fantasy series is real.

Brandon Sanderson took Kickstarter by storm, announcing last year a series of books that he'd managed to write during COVID-19 lockdowns. The about turn - many had expected him to announce a break from his best selling fantasy books – saw a huge Kickstarter success. But this wasn't the first time his work had been seen on Kickstarter, and the new Premium Miniatures line proves both that it won't be the last, and that there's a recipe for success found within it. 

Whilst not every Sanderson themed game has been a hit – our reviewer gave a Mistborn tabletop adaptation a maybe – Brotherwise Games took a crack at the franchise with Call to Adventure: Stormlight Archive. Building on the successful Call to Adventure series it had already made a success of, which sees you building stories for characters in RPGs in a surprisingly fun way – the Stormlight version took key characters and terms from the books, and the series won the "I'm surprised I'm still playing this" game in our 2020 awards

Whilst not set to a game, the newest Kickstarter held by Brotherwise Games and using the Stormlight world brings us Stormlight Premium Miniatures. Described as official collectables for every fan of the epic fantasy series, there are miniatures, figurines, and a high end deluxe statue available. A base set, that offers unpainted miniatures for The Way of Kings, begins at $30, with an all in pledge available for $475. For UK based pledges, estimated shipping ranges from $6 for the Way of Kings Base set, to $75 for the all in pledge. The Kickstarter has well exceeded its goal – the all in pledge receiving over 2,000 backers alone – with a current total at time of writing of £2,326,565 pledged of a £47,628 goal. 

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The Kickstarter ends on October 14th, and shipping is currently estimated for July 2023.


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