Spin, roll and build your own Sonic the Hedgehog level in Dice Rush

13 July 2018
sonic-dice-rush-56275.jpg Sonic the Hedgehog: Dice Rush
Real-time racing game out this October

Video game icon Sonic the Hedgehog is whizzing back onto the tabletop with a dice-rolling racing game.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Dice Rush is a real-time dice-chucker in which players build their own level from the series of side-scrolling platformers.

Dice are rolled and combinations cashed in to gain level sections taken from the original video games, with some cards granting bonus points and others risking penalties if players aren’t fast enough on the draw.

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Dice Rush comes in a metal tin with 21 dice and 60 cards, enough for up to four people to play in around 20 minutes.

The game will be out this October. It’s not the only Sonic board game landing later this year, either; miniatures game Battle Racers is due to speed into players’ hands the same month, following a successful Kickstarter earlier this year.


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