Solo Play Advice for Arkham Horror

15 May 2020
Dare you venture into Mythos alone?

Fantasy Flight have really got our backs at the minute, we’ve got a new expansion, and new investigators in Arkham Horror: The Card Game, and now they're bringing us some great advice as to how to play solo. 


Facing the horrors of Mythos is usually done with a companion at your side, or at least some investigators – but what if you’re alone? Two community members (Vase and Nate) were asked to share their experience and offer tips on building the deck. The first, Nate, is of Lost in Time and Space on YouTube, as well as the Great Old Ones Gaming Podcast, and Vase is of the YouTube channel The Twisted Tentacle Inn.

These acknowledge that the key to success in Arkham Horror is the construction of the investigator deck, which is altered depending on the number of players in a standard game. Playing in solo, therefore, feels like a very different game, as you’ll be burdened with completing and managing all of the actions in the game. Some investigators will be far more difficult to play, and it lists Carolyn Fern and Zoey Samaras as examples of this.


You’ll need to prioritise obtaining clues, because you’ll be the only person doing so, and this might affect your chosen deck. You’ll need t complete the scenarios quickly before running into enemies, and so it suggests cards such as the Magnifying Glass or Flashlight. For when those enemies do crop up, you’ll need to consider ways to take good amounts of damage quickly, all whilst ensuring you’ll have the money to pay for what you need.


Finally, for resources, you may wish to look at cards that give you replicated draw, or the ability to search the deck so that you gain an advantage. Ultimately, you’ll need all the help you can get, and you’ll need to race through the objectives to complete the challenge in full.


There’s much more detail provided by Fantasy Flight on its site, but it certainly makes you want to reach for your deck to try it out!


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