Solo But Not Alone – The Bundle Raising Money to Help Prevent Suicide In Schools

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10 January 2022
Including some great looking games. are no stranger to raising money for good causes, whereby a group of creators offer their work as part of a highly discounted bundle, with proceeds going to a charity. You may remember their previous BLM Bundle, and Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality – the latter of which made an astonishingly great $8,149,814.66 – but the most recent of which is organising funds under the title Solo, but Not Alone, the second of its kind, hosted by Peach Garden Games. 

The games are a collection of solo player games, meaning there's no necessity to get a group together in order to enjoy. It's designed to let you play whenever you like, hopefully abating some feelings of isolation, loneliness, and hopelessness. 

"You Are Not a Critical Failure!", it repeats from its mantra last year, where it raised $31,650.24.

The bundle includes 102 items, at $10, a saving from their usual price of $402 (or 97%!)

Included within it are games such as Live. Love. Die. Remember, `Bael, The Date, You Cannot Kill me In A Way That Matters, Submerged, Raising Hell, It Is Written, Lay on Hands, Krampus Comes at Night, I went to the North Pole Once, Global Dragon Egg Conservation, and more. 

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100% of the proceeds will go to Jasper's Game Day, an organisation which is dedicated to letting people know they're not alone. The charity works towards helping to prevent suicide, through promoting mental health awareness and education, within schools specifically. 

You can find the bundle on by clicking here. 



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