Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality

08 June 2020
Gaming for good, as this bundle raises money for NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund is an open marketplace for independent game creators to provide their creations in a single easy to find place. It’s open to all kinds of games, and includes RPG’s as well as video games and computer games. We’ve found some amazing games held here, and the platform is being used for good, where we found last week the Tabletop Treehouse BLM bundle and micro games bundle, of which the combination featured 50 games, with proceeds going to Black Visions Collective. has now released its own bundle, named Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. This is a huge bundle, with proceeds being donated 50/50 between NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, and Community Bail Fund. The bundle is a pay-what-you-want, with a minimum donation of $5.


Included within the bundle is a phenomenal amount. At the moment (though developers are still now choosing to add to it), are 742 items from 564 creators. The discount is over 99%, representing a saving of $3,470 of retail price. It’s worth noting that downloads are not steam keys, but direct downloads instead.


The bundle includes RPGs such as Glitter Hearts by Greg L, Troika! Numinous Edition by Melsonian Arts Council, One Page Lore: Fantasy Folk by Jesse Galena, Corvid Court by Gilla RPG, Hero Too, and Get your Game On! by ThatAceGal, Dragonhearts by Fractal Dragon, Destined by Sandy Pug Games, Spoken Magic by Dylan Grinder… and that’s not all.


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The bundle will be available for just over a week, so you’ll need to not put off purchasing. At the time of writing, it has achieved over $2.3 million of its $5 million goal for the two funds, and you can purchase your bundle and contribute to this by heading to their site.


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