Shut Up & Sit Down Convention Moves Online!

11 June 2020
The latest to do so, but it looks great!

The incredible team at Shut Up and Sit Down host their conference of SHUX in Vancouver, with the date set this year for October 16th to 17th. In a frank and honest news post released today, they confirmed that the conditions that would need to be met in order for the convention to continue were unlikely – so the convention will take place in 2021 instead.


It’s familiar news, as many conventions (including our own) have been forced to do the same, but SU&SD confirmed badges purchased are valid for next year when the dates are confirmed, or a refund is available.


However, for the dates in question, they’ll be providing a virtual convention! It’ll be the AwShux (short for Away SHUX, but brilliantly named). Doing so means even more of us can attend, and the event will be completely free.


As they perfectly put it, “doing things “on the internet” is where it all started for SU&SD, so we’re on very comfortable footing”, so we expect this to be one of the better managed online offerings, and it’s certainly demonstrated that it's considering every aspect of the physical convention and how this can be translated into the virtual world, from the community, to playing games, to even the usual Expo hall. They’re offering a safe environment, plus the ability to purchase games, with the publishers being offered great cuts of the sale, and they’ll even have merch available online.


There’s a lot to look forward to. There’ll be one Twitch channel running for 12 hours, which will then run a repeat, for three days, which will include panels, live games. They’re wanting to mimic the feeling of playing with a designer or a board game personality that you can find at conventions, so all guests will also be mingling and playing games too.


They’re partnering with Tabletopia to play thousands of game for free, and they’ll be offering volunteer matchmakers and teachers to help you play, plus they’ll have their own play along events during it – with the additional opportunity to win prizes.

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Though it is the latest in a long stream, we’re excited to see how this runs, and to be able to attend virtually. More news and information can be found over on their site, but for now, mark your calendars!



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