Seven Years of Critical Role Means Two New Programs (and more)

14 March 2022
Critters rejoice!

Critical Role has been the standout success of actual plays, carving a niche into the genre and now being watched by thousands. Created seven years ago, a team of voice actors have taken a game of Dungeons and Dragons to new heights, spawning not only merchandise, but D&D specific books, board games, a charity foundation, and much more. 

In celebration of its seven year anniversary, this week will see a show taking place on Thursday, March 17th at 7pm Pacific time, which will be simulcast to theatres in the US (alas, none in the UK). However, in a State of the Role video, it confirmed two new programmes – a two part Exandria Unlimited spinoff, and 4 Sided Dive, a monthly talk show.

Exandria Unlimited: Kymal, is described as follows: 

"Fleeing from Marquet to Tal’Dorei with his brother, Dorian Storm (Robbie Daymond)returns to his friends, The Crown Keepers, and attempts to lay low in the seedy casino town of Kymal, which naturally leads to the crew attempting a casino heist…

Alongside Robbie Daymond, fellow Exandria Unlimited veterans reprise their Crown Keeper characters, including Matthew Mercer as Dariax, Aimee Carrero as Opal, and Anjali Bhimani as Fy’ra Rai. Critical Role is also thrilled to welcome Erica Lindbeck to the party as a brand new character! And of course, Aabria Iyengar will return as Game Master to guide this chaotic Adventure."

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This of course is the spin off to Exandria Unlimited, the first to see Matt Mercer not DMing, and instead run by Aabria Iyengar. The first part will air on Thursday March 31st, and the second the day after on Friday April 1st 2022, with video on demand available on YouTube on the 4th and 5th April 2022.

The second announcement contained that of 4-sided Dive, which rather than another actual play, is a monthly talk show. 4-sided Dive features a roundtable discussion with four guests and a twist, in that each episode a dice is rolled, allowing it to decide who will steer the show as Tavern Keeper – with no prior preparation. The show will be a key point of discussion, but added chaos comes from Fan questions pulled from the Tower of Inquiry, a Chenga tower that yeilds consequences when it crashes. 

This will air on the first Tuesday of every month, beginning April 5th at 7pm Pacific. 

Watch the update in full below. 




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