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24 June 2020
Half RPG, Half Board Game

Once upon a time, there was Roll Player, a dice manipulation game in which you try to create the perfect RPG hero. Now, in the same world of Ulos, comes Roll Player Adventures, but this time it's a cooperative storytelling board game. 

In this, you'll be a fantasy hero: adventuring across the realm to new and unseen areas, facing challenges, making friends and enemies, and making important decisions that may change the story forever. This is part of a ten-part campaign, plus a grand finale, and a replayable side quest. 

The game comes with 12 storybooks, so you'll be making skill checks and fighting in battles that will affect the outcome of the story you follow. As you play, you'll read aloud, rolling dice for skill checks in key areas. There's no going back, as you'll have to deal with any consequences that come about as a result of it, and these may carry with you into the other stories. 

As for who you play as, well that's your choice - if you're new to the game, you can always pick from one of the pre-generated characters, but if you've played Roll Player before, you can even import your existing character. Plus, if you do, any number of expansions, promo cards/boards that were used, can be converted into Roll Player Adventure too!

If this game is for you, the entry pledge to get the game is $100, or approximately £80. For that, you'll get a base copy of the game, any stretch goals unlocked, and access to the pledge manager if you chose to add on after the campaign ends (and pay for shipping). The box is jam-packed with boards, books, cards, tiles and dice.

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Roll Player Adventures is from 1-4 players, ages 14+ and will take around 90+ minutes to play. You can back it over on Kickstarter.


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