Renegade Games offer an Overlight Intro in their free content collection

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20 April 2020
Please sir, may I have some more? Why yes, yes, you can.

We mentioned Renegade games last week, who were offering their title Wonderland, previously an exclusive to Tabletop Day 2018, as a free Print and Play. Well, that’s not all, as released previously only as a booklet in 2018, it’s also now giving you the Overlight Quickstart /Intro Adventure for you to hold digitally, and for free.


The core game of Overlight is a fantasy roleplaying game ‘of Kaleidoscopic journeys; a visceral, dangerous, and brightly coloured setting’, in which characters search for personal meaning. On Kickstarter, the original campaign reached five times its funding goal. This free addition, being an introductory adventure given before the game even released, is a great way to dip your toe into the Overlight world and see if it’s for you.


This adventure is named the Birthright of Khar-Ulan, and Renegade Games have provided both the option to build your own character through blank character sheets, or use pre-generated Skyborn characters, as well as giving you as some pre-generated Chroma descriptions.


It’s for 3-4 players, and takes place on the shard of Pyre, a harsh environment situated at the bottom of the world, and home to Pyroi, who are described as, ‘eight feet tall, ruddy skinned and broad shouldered, they make fearsome warriors and charismatic negotiators’. The descriptions are rich and interesting, and in theory, it’s everything you might need to get started in this world.


If you find yourself embracing the Overlight world, Birthright of Khar-Ulan isn’t the only free supplement to Overlight available with Renegade Games, and of course you’re able to purchase the full game should you wish to.

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You can find the free download available on Renegade Games website.




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