Pre-order Lumineth Realm-lords Army Set

22 June 2020
Bringing epic to a new level

Games Workshop seems to be throwing news at us at the moment, considering the new Indomnitus Box, plus new rules coming, new table sizes, and now… New Lumineth Realm-Lord Models can be spied on Warhammer Community for you to pre-order in limited quantity.


Once out, Warhammer Ages of Sigmar will never be the same again. In the limited boxed set, you can gain exclusive accessories, and a battletome cover that only come with the set. Plus, pre-ordering means while stocks last, you’ll also get an exclusive set of six exclusive art cards. Did we mention exclusive?


“The battlefield glows bright as the Lumineth go to war. These elegant aelves hail from Hysh, the Realm of Light, where enlightening magic surges in the air itself. Able to channel arcane power through the marvel of aetherquartz, they are faster, more dextrous and more magically talented than any of their myriad enemies. Yet in the shadow of that excellence lies pride, and it has led them down dark paths indeed.”


A whole new way to play, for sure. The set holds 16 miniatures, made up of a The Light of Eltharion, a commander for the forces featuring hollow, animated armour, ten Vanari Auralan Wardens, who are customisable infantry armed with massive pikes, and five Vanari Dawnriders, who are aelven horsemen. The latter two have alternate build options to let you customise your models.



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There’s more of course, as you’ll get an acrylic combat gauge, 20 yellow gem-effect dice, a token board with a 9” range ruler, and a pack of 36 reference cards, plus one 50mm round base, five 60mm x 35mm oval bases and ten 32mm round bases. Finally, a 16-page construction guide for the miniatures 16-page Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Core Rules booklet.


If it sounds like a lot, that’s because it is, and you can pre-order your copy with Games Workshop for £110, which will ship from June 27th 2020



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