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11 May 2020
Bringing cyberpunk into our homes

It’s over 300 years into the future, and death is no longer permanent. Consciousness can be passed from person to person in the form of a cortical stack – like a hard drive, but instead of old projects saved, it's everything that makes you into you – and so your life can be extended indefinitely. With all of the lifetimes available to you, do you seek money? Power? Knowledge? Or could it be a little more complicated than that?


If it sounds like a great plot, it’s fair to say others think so too. Originally part of a book series by Richard K. Morgan, it’s now seen into two successful Netflix series based on its premise, and this year saw a successful Kickstarter for an RPG version (which finished over 1000% funded).


And it’s this roleplaying game that is now available for preorder. In doing so, Renegade Game Studios are offering the chance for you to wear anybody you can afford, transmit your mind, and accumulate wealth and power over the millennia. You’ll get rules to play Archetypes from Socialites to Soldiers, the opportunity to explore Bay City, and storytelling rules, with which ‘your neon-drenched adventures await’.


The preorder is a hardcover book of 328 pages, and preordering of it also means you’ll get a PDF of the rules when the game releases. If you’re looking for something a little fancier, you also have the option to be able to order more than the standard RPG, as there’s a deluxe edition, which offers the same content as the core book, but with a dramatic cover art, and intricately designed die-cut slipcase. And if that’s not enough, there’s also the option for an Altered Carbon Game Master Screen.


You can pre-order the RPG and any extras over on the Renegade Game Studio’s website ready for release in September 2020.

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