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14 May 2020
The cake may be a lie but an online PortalCon is real.

Polish-based Portal Games, well known for games such as Detective, Robinson Crusoe, and Empires of the North, have announced an online PortalCon, joining what is seemingly becoming an exciting online convention season. 


The event is a live streaming event for fans, but unlike its usual PortalCon it’ll be spoken in English. Portal Games have said that for years fans of the brand have asked for an English edition of PortalCon, and CEO Ignacy Trzewiczek, said that. “Since we cannot meet our fans in person this year, we thought it would be a great time to host this online convention.”


This will not be the first foray into virtual conventions for Portal Games, who hosted its usual PortalCon online earlier this month. The convention lasted for over 20 hours, featuring contests where fans to win Portal Games products, brought in special guests including designers and artists from many fan-favourite titles, and a charity auction.


We’ll be seeing the best features of the show with updates and improvements from the feedback given, so expect this to run smoothly and enjoyably. There’ll be more updates on the specifics of the event posted on its site over the coming month (though the link it has provided is not yet working), as well as on its YouTube channel where we anticipate the live stream will be from.


There’s no additional details provided at this time, though we know it will take place between Friday July 10th 2020, to Saturday July 11th 2020. You’ll need to stay tuned for any schedule, but we’re certainly excited to join in with this one!

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