Padme Expansion for Star Wars: Legion

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19 June 2020
Holy Mother Of Luke Skywalker, she’s here!

Fantasy Flight have announced that 'aggressive negotiator' Padme Amidala will be the latest expansions for Star Wars: Legion, due to release in July.


Committed to her ideals of democracy, Padme embarks on diplomatic missions in a time of crisis, and around the Clone Wars she’s needed more than ever. The expansion itself will include a sculpted unpainted hard plastic Padme Amidala, which you can customise as you build, to include one of two distinct weapons, and whether she appears with a cape.


She’ll also have six upgrade cards that let you enhance her skills, and three signature command cards which include Diplomatic Cover, Aggressive Negotiations, and Our Fate Is In Your Hands. Ultimately, it considers the balance between her diplomacy, courage, and battlefield prowess, making her a balanced character to hold.


She can lead by example, allowing friendly units at range 1-2 to spend her green tokens, plus she has ways to ensure she has tokens to give. She’s able to bolster herself and others, and in doing so can gain a helpful dodge token, which again can be spent by herself or her troopers. In addition, she has the option to keep a secret mission to gain an additional victory token. She may not be the direct leader, but she holds authority as a senator and as a fighter.



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Star Wars: Legion is a popular miniatures game that sees you become an infantry army commander in the Star Wars Galaxy. You’ll need to plan tactically and position perfectly to lead your troops to victory. There have been numerous expansions to the game, though we reviewed the Clone Wars Core Set some time ago, and now there are expansions for the Galactic Empire, the Galactic Republic, the Rebel Alliance, Separatist Alliance, and even neutral expansion.




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