Osprey giving away Frostgrave rulebook and Solo Scenarios

26 March 2020
Get Free PDFs of Frostgrave and Dark Alchemy with code FGV2020

Osprey are giving away the rulebook for Frostgrave and pick up two scenario packs at the same time, entirely for free.

Continuing the theme of publishers giving away games to help those of us stuck at home due to the coronavirus, Osprey is really giving away a great deal. Thanks Osprey!

How do you get Frostgrave for free? Head over to the Osprey site, and use the code FGV2020 at checkout. You should also make sure to pick up Dark Alchemy, which has three solo (yes, the magic word in tabletop gaming right now) scenarios.

But that's not all. You can get the first section of Perilous Dark too, directly from this link.

Joseph A. McCullough, author of Frostgrave, broke the news on his blog. He offered this advice:

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"And don’t worry – Frostgrave has always been a game about using whatever miniatures and terrain you have – no need to buy anything new to start. So, have some fun, roll some dice, fight some monsters and see if you can survive. Then hop online to the Frostgrave Facebook Page, Board Game Geek, Reddit, Lead Adventure, or any other wargame hangouts and share your stories and your pictures, so we can all share in the adventure."

AND of course share your adventures with Miniature Wargames!

For those of you out there who are new to Frostgrave, then please also heed Joe's PS.

"Play Dark Alchemy first, Perilous Dark is much harder!"


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