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24 March 2020
We tear up our ideas of legacy and get totally doomed in issue 41
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Issue 41 of Tabletop Gaming is ready for pre-order. Order now to have to drop through your letterbox. Or, grab a digital issue instead – which are all super readable and specially formatted for whatever mobile device you are using. Check the video of a digital issue on a mobile device here:



Issue 41 is buzzing with really smart ideas from really smart people. We have our cover story, Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile, which attempts to create a legacy game you don’t have to ruin when you play it. We also have a wander through the doom metal world of MÖRK BORG – an RPG where you start every day seeing if the world will end. On the lighter side we have HELVETIQ’s pocket game range of charming distractions in little boxes.


We also have an introduction to solo gaming, for those who need a little bit of ‘me’ time (or even, if you just can’t get schedules to line up!). If you’re feeling creative, then our guide to map-making games should come in handy – even if you’re not sure whether it’s here, or there, be dragons.


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We’re also looking at being a spy and not getting caught in Codenames for All the Jahres, and find out How We Made Tzolk’in – which is sure to get your cogs turning.


And of course, we’ve reviewed a ton of games, including:

Sanctum, MÖRK BORG, On Mars, Flyin’ Goblin, Fast Sloths, Cthulhu Dark Ages, Harry Potter: Death Eaters Rising ,Wordsmith, Court of the Dead, Tajuto, The Crew, Kodama 3D and many more!


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