New Tales from the Loop Starter Set

05 June 2020
A great way to get involved

Tales of the Loop originated as artwork by Simon Stålenhag set in an alternative 1980s universe, but since then has become an Amazon Prime TV Series, a successful and popular RPG, and more recently a fully funded board game on Kickstarter. Now, it’s released a starter set for the Tales From the Loop RPG.


There are two options available to you in purchasing a starter set. The standard starter set is $25.57 on the Free League site, and contains a full rulebook, illustrated with the original art, explaining how you can play. You’ll also find a full-colour map of the loop, as well as use of five pre-generated characters for you to use. There’s a mystery included, called The Recycled Boy, and ten engraved custom dice. After purchase, you’ll also receive a PDF of the book.


The second option includes the above, but also a virtual bundle. You’ll get the official module on the Roll20 virtual tabletop platform, and will contain maps with GM layer information. This will be set as a key to access shortly after purchase, for a cost of $30.72. For a short time, it is also allowing those who pre-ordered the former bundle to pay the upgrade cost to gain the virtual bundle as well.


The new scenario, the Recycled Boy, can be purchased separately, directly from Free League, at Roll20 marketplace, in some stores, and in PDF format.


Free League said in their Facebook post that this was its first step into supporting virtual tabletop gaming for all its games, on different virtual tabletop platforms, which you may have already seen with Symbaroum. Alien: RPG will also be coming to Roll20 soon, with no date yet confirmed but the publisher advising within a month or two.

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You can find all of the Tales from the Loop items over on its site, or if you’re in two minds, take a look at our reviews of Things from the Flood, and Tales from the Loop: Our Friends the Machines & Other Mysteries RPG for inspiration.



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