New Sourcebook for Liminal RPG from Modiphius Entertainment

15 May 2020
Caution, may inspire you to read Aaronovitch after (or before) playing this...


Modiphius Entertainment has launched a new sourcebook for the Liminal RPG, entitled Liminal: Pax Londinium, available for purchase.


Liminal: Pax Londinium does require the original sourcebook to play. Liminal is about the parts of the world we don’t often know, from academic wizards to vampires and werewolves, secret religious orders and haunted places that are lost bubbles of history, faerie courts and places of power. It’s based within British and Irish Folklore and legends, plus ghost stories and popular supernatural fiction.


The additional Pax Londinium book, therefore, brings a whole new adventure, where you’ll meet those who specifically dwell in London’s forgotten places. You’ll find “an ancient vampire, fae courts and ghost realms, a statuesque dragon, the pig-headed lady, and many more beings both malevolent and benign, all intertwined with everyday people and places”. Those who stand between the mortal realm and the magical realm, are the Liminals.


It’s a self-contained roleplaying game, and uses its own system based on rolling 2d6 and adding character skills, where you can additionally spend Will to boost your results. It’s worth noting that if this magical realism appeals to you, there is also a quick start PDF available for free if you want to check it out before buying.


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If you’re already a fan of Liminal, you can purchase this new sourcebook for £8 over on the Modiphius Entertainment website as a PDF with 90 pages of full colour. Purchasing will also give you a code to offset the cost against a future print version of it, if you’d prefer a physical copy of it at a later date- though no date or confirmation has yet been given.



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