New Rallyman: Dirt returns to Rallyman Roots

18 May 2020
Going back to where it all began

Rallyman began its board game life as a self-published game by Jean-Christophe Bouvier, back in 2009. The game was popular, and spawned an expansion named Dirt, but went out of print. The following for the game continued though, as it cropped up at conventions and remained relatively well known. Well, last year Holy Grail Games brought us Rallyman: GT, a high octane rally simulator which gained 823% of funding, proving popular for its fast pace and improved mechanics.

There’s been no stopping there though, as Holy Grail Games have announced they are now bringing a brand new edition of the classic game, under Rallyman: Dirt which we’ll see on Kickstarter in July. The game will combine the original Rallyman, with the Dirt expansion, “into one lean, mean rally game”. There’ll be new artwork, upgraded components, and replaces the rectangular map sections of the with hexagonal tiles, to recreate iconic tracks or to create your own unique designs, but you’ll keep many of the popular mechanics, such as jumping, skidding, and cutting corners, whilst you roll different types of dice to race along the track.

With an expansion, the new edition of Rallyman: Dirt can be made compatible with Rallyman: GT, allowing for even further options.

Original Rallyman creator Jean-Christophe Bouvier said: “I am SO excited about this project! Not just about bringing back the original Rallyman, which has been a dream of mine for years, but for how GT and Dirt will work together! I can’t wait to get started”. 

We took a look at the original game back in Issue 28, which is available digitally if you want to take a look, and we'll be looking forward to this edition, with more information and the Kickstarter for it launching later this year. 


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