Tabletop Gaming Podcast: We talk with Dissident Whispers

18 June 2020
We spoil you, we know.

Last week Dissident Whispers was announced, an RPG anthology with an impressive collection, created to raise money for the  National Bail Fund Network. The collection includes over 90 individual creators from 10 different countries contributing using 10 different systems to provide 58 short adventures, and was made in about 12 days, after a huge number of creators and artists contributed what they could. 

It looks gorgeous. 

We couldn't resist reaching out to Dissident Whispers to discuss the anthology and the potential impact of it, and as a result, we've added a whole new podcast to our existing series. We speak to Kat about what Dissident Whispers is, how it came about, what's included in it, and where you can get your copy - plus Kat's favourites (though it's a very tough call!).



The anthology costs $20, and is available on DriveThruRPG and  There is also the opportunity to pre-order a physical copy directly from Tuesday Knight Games, which will include a PDF to be sent when dispatched. You can also pre-order from the UK through the Melsonian Arts Council for a physical copy, which costs £24.


Adventures available include those for Mothership, MÖRK BORG, Trophy Gold, Troika!, Electric Bastionland, Dungeon Crawl Classics, The Ultraviolet Grasslands, The Black Hack, Mausritter, B/X, 5e, and many System Agnostic scenarios, from over 90 different creators. 

The anthology contains a stunning amount of incredible work, and would be impressive even without the facts of how quickly it came together, and that it raises money for charity. The National Bail Fund Network is dedicated to being an organizing tool aimed at ending pretrial and immigration detention.

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