New Miniatures from Warcradle

01 June 2020
Gods, pirates and superhero scenery

If you picked up the latest issue of our magazine, you’ll have seen the phenomenal art of Mythos on the front cover, along with a chat with the creators and a painting guide included. If you didn’t, you can always get a copy online or a digital subscription. Those folks over at Warcradle though are showing no signs of slowing down, and have confirmed new miniatures sets for Mythos, Wild West Exodus and even some scenery pieces for Marvel: Crisis Protocol.


Mythos features a number of factions, of which we’ve seen released at different times. The newest addition to its world is the Custos Crypta Faction starter set. There’s a detailed back story provided for this faction, but put simply, the faction began in the year 700BCE at the height of the Kushite Empire. Ruled by the Pharaoh Neferkare Shabaka, who was said to be blessed by the Egyptian goddess Khepera, and so absolute. The empire was gifted Custos Crypta, a sentient insectoid species, but at the Pharaoh’s murder, the Custos Crypta were entombed alongside him…until an accidental revival.



The cost Is £35, and is available from Wayland Games. Within this, you’ll get 1x Crypt Guardian, 1x Victoria Taylor, 1x Sara Heriot, 2x Crypt Grub, 1x Crypt Sham, and 6x Base, for release on July 6th 2020.


In addition, there are new miniatures available for Wild West Exodus, which is a fast-paced miniatures game, set in the Dystopian Age, a wild and dangerous place. It’s offering new miniatures available for pre-order named Wrath of the Nautilus Detachment set. This follows Rani Nimue, a dangerous and intelligent pirate, with a crew for a stolen submarine (the Nautilus) and a bounty on her head.

The Wrath of the Nautilus Detachment will come with 1x Rani Nimue, 1x Sarder Hardit Singh, 1x Charlotte Anning, 1x Neko Mei, 1x Violet Smee, 1x Erasmus Darwin, and 6x Bases. You can pre-order this at the price of £35.


Finally, Warcradle have also announced the Super City Downtown Set available to pre-order. This fits the Marvel: Crisis Protocol game, with pre-painted MDF buildings compatible with 35mm to 40mm scale wargames.

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It says that: “Included in the set are two huge multi-level buildings, the Mythic Mansion and Tower Block, as well as several other smaller buildings and scatter terrain. The Mythic Mansion comes complete with full inner details, removable damaged walls and a staircase and multiple removable levels. The Tower Block also comes with interior features and optional NYPD or HOTEL signage.”


This is available to pre-order at £100, including seven pieces of scenery with detail inside each.



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