New from Renegade Game Studio: The Space Battle Lunchtime Card Game

28 May 2020
SpaceX may not have been able to go ahead, but we're cooking in space instead!


Just landed, we have The Space Battle Lunchtime Card Game. The Original Space Battle Lunchtime is a graphic novel by Natalie Riess, following an earth baker Peony who agrees to be a contestant on the greatest reality TV cooking show in the Universe, Space Battle Lunchtime, published by Renegade Game Studios.


In the game therefore, you’ll be battling the other contestants in this show to create the perfect prize winning outlandish dish, by collecting and combining flavour cards. It’s all about impressing the judges, and whilst there’s no Gordon Ramsey, there are alien judges ready to check out your dish.


They’ll provide the dishes they want to see, and you’ll gain points by getting as close to their requests as possible. However, as it’s a race, you’ll need to balance your requirements on higher quality ingredients versus getting points faster – do you take a shortcut for a bronze dish fast, or play fully slowly for a gold dish? You’ll need 21 or more points to win.  


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You can see the rulebook online if you want a feel for the game, and additionally you can see it played during RenegadeCon. As the rules seem short and sweet, we’re confident it’ll be a quick to pick up and play type of game – for which its pitched at approximately 30 minutes. Perfect, one might consider, for a lunchtime game! It’s for 2-5 players, and for ages 10 and over. Rather delightfully, you’ll have various spatula tokens (five), as well as 40 dish cards, 60 flavour cards, 6 judge cards, 5 chef chards, 1 first player token, 5 player aid cards, and 1 rule sheet, included within for $25.


You can find the game over on Renegade Game Studios site, available for purchase.


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