New Faction Starter Set for Mythos!

02 May 2020
The serpent beguiled me, and I did pick this faction.

Mythos is a narrative skirmish game, by Warcradle Studios with detailed 35mm miniatures. It follows the rebuilding after the 'Great War', but the warhas caused ‘long forgotten dark gods of ancient power to begin to awaken’, and with it, rival cults. These cults and factions are dedicated to these, from Hidden Ones to Silver Venators, and the newest announcement is an addition to this, with Wyldborne, the Faction Starter Set, and is available for pre-order.


The Wyldborne Faction Starter Set this provides you with five unpainted multi-part resin miniatures, including a Dorothy Good & Blood, a Mercy Good, a Loren, a Nadrageel, a Sernos, and five bases. This will make up your faction, and subsequently your force to continue through Mythos with.


For the Wyldborne, it knows that harmony in nature was reached by an ancient force called the Wyld, whose power was worshipped in the ancient world and whose reach remains. The Wyldborne remember the old ways and the power that comes with this, and will slaughter those outsiders who interfere. The miniatures referred to above and available within the set are devoted servants of the Wyld, and include the Good Sisters – a pair of serpents ready to enact the whispers of the Wyld.


The rulebooks for these are free to download, so you can take a look before you purchase, or just to get your head around before its release.  We’re excited about Mythos, and so additional options sound great to us!


You can purchase the starter set, or see more about the world on their website.

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