Nautical Expansion to Bargain Quest Available for Pre-Order

26 April 2020
Yo ho, Yo Ho, a board game life for me.


In the popular game Bargain Quest, you play as a shopkeeper in an RPG town plagued by monsters (more the magic kind than the Davey Jones kind). You’ll use item cards to build up an inventory that lets you make more money than the other shops, and you’ll use this to ‘attract the wealthiest heroes to your shop’, to subsequently save your town.


Those heroes then face those monsters, and hopefully survive to tell the tale.. One can only hope they made a map for their treasure before galivanting after monsters….


It’s a risk vs reward type game, which was popular enough to warrant a second print which was , which you can pre-order online, as well as various expansions – from The Black Market Expansion, to a solo mode, to an 8-Bit Theatre bonus pack.


Now though, we have a whole new expansion – Bargain Quests: Sunk Costs. This brings Bargain Quest from the safety of dry land right out into the Seven Seas! That means new heroes, monsters and items, and a brand new Supply Ships game mode. You'll enjoy all the same aspects as the original game, but now it's sink or swim. You’ll be donning an eyepatch and hook, and training a parrot in no time.


Included in Sunk Costs will be 10 item cards, 5 employee cards, 8 hero cards, 6 monster cards, 12 Supply Ship tiles, and the rules you’ll need. This one is for 2-6 players, and will take around 45 minutes to play. It’s scheduled for release in September 2020, and currently if you pre-order, you’ll also get a Secret Cave Promo Shop Board.


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The pre-order is available now, so check it out on Renegade Game Studio’s website.




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