Massive Darkness 2 Teased by CMON

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05 June 2020
Massive news for Massive Darkness

Our friends over at CMON are no stranger to an epic teaser trailer, and today brings no exception, as a trailer has been dropped for Massive Darkness 2.


The original Massive Darkness is a dungeon crawler game, where you’ll be working cooperatively to jump between shadows and night, levelling up as you progress and offering different scenarios and ways to play. We reviewed it, and the new mechanics it offered, in our January 2018 issue of Tabletop Gaming Magazine, but you can have a read of it online. However, last we’d heard of it were new scenarios being posted for free download over on CMON.


Today though, we hear of news of Massive Darkness 2. The game had been funded through Kickstarter, and so the news came as a campaign update, where it said:


“Almost 4 years ago to the day, the Massive Darkness campaign was launched and became one of our most successful projects! Together, we faced the Darkness and the Monsters that came with it... and now it's time for more! For the Darkness is Massive, and full of terrors!”.

Alongside social media posts showing the trailer itself, it’s fair to say very little is given away at this stage. The trailer refers to you as the Lightbringer who thought you’d vanquished the darkness- but the battle has only just begun. A solid foundation for a sequel, it’s fair to say. You can see it in full below.


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The game will be released later this year, we expect to Kickstarter first. 


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