Kingdomino receives a free print and play expansion, and two player sample

12 April 2020
With straightforward rules, and great colours, this is a peaceful addition to the print and play family.

To say that creators are being responsive to the lockdown is an understatement, as we bring news of yet another print and play available, this time published by Blue Orange, to expand Kingdomino or Queendomino.


Kingdomino – once a winner at the Spiel de Jahres -  is a simple game based on the concept of dominoes, where players must expand their kingdom using tiles where one half must match the tile it is laid next to. You gain points for accumulating crowns and areas of landscape. It’s quick and easy to learn, suitable for the family (ages eight and over) and is for two to four players.


The print and play expansion is named ‘Kingdomino – The Court’, where you’ll seek to use the resources in your kingdom, construct new buildings, and recruit the most influential characters in court. It’s a simple but effective expansion, in line with the areas of Kingdomino most praised. You’ll need the original game to play this expansion.


Blue Orange described the turnaround time of a mere 10 days in creating the expansion to be a ‘challenge that the Blue Orange team, with the involvement of Bruno Cathala and Cyril Bouquet, is very happy and proud to have succeeded together’, followed by an encouragement to return to board game shops when able.


You can find the print and play expansion on Blue Orange’s Kingdomino by clicking here.


If you’re new to Kingdomino, or want to check it out first, Blue Orange is also offering a sample version of the game for two players. You can find this on its site by clicking here.

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Kingdomino - The Court


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