IELLO brings us Time Bomb Evolution

03 May 2020
Elementary, my dear Board-Gamer

In Time Bomb Evolution, we’re focussing on the duel between Sherlock and Moriarty, one of the most infamous hero/villain pairings in literature. Here, Moriarty and his partner have booby trapped London’s landmarks with bombs, and you’ll need to save both London, and the crown!


It’s a new mini game from IELLO available from 7 May 2020, with the same suspicion and bluffing required from the original game. You’ll need to find diffusing cables specific to the bombs that have been planted, but certain bombs give certain effects, such as the red bomb, which will designate the next player to cut the cables, preventing players teaming up against other players, and yellow bombs can’t be deactivated. Green bombs go off faster than any other colour- and you’ll only need three cards of the green bomb to win the game.  The bombs are unpredictable, so strategies are difficult to use, and the bluffers will need to learn again which cables to cut.


We can’t help but feel the game comes with some pedigree of fun – IELLO are responsible for games from King of Tokyo, to Decrypto, to Zombie Kidz, to Ninja Academy, and tonnes more. Time Bomb Evolution is a game from Yusuke Sato, drawn by Biboun, and it is part of the Mini Games collection. It’s available in game stores from May 7th 2020, and online from May 21st 2020, and you can check it out on their site.



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