Free scenario download for TIME Stories revolution

28 April 2020
Doctor Who meets corporate agent

TIME Stories Revolution (the second series by the same creators of the popular series T.I.M.E) places you as an agent of TIME, an organisation helping humanity, where time travel is real and you are a regulator of it. However, it had to modify operations, and now it exploits technology from the advanced 22nd Century, with strange methods passed on by the Syanns.

It sounds like a great Sci-Fi book, but actually it’s a series of games (that can be played independently of each other), and now its creators have offered a free scenario download of Damien.  

As a cooperative narrative game, you’re seeking to travel through space and time to resolve temporal paradoxes. Each mission is a full adventure, and you can play these independently. Damien is a shorter, slightly easier version of the adventures, set just before Cavendish Mansion which is set to be released later this year. It’s similar to an intro or demo game, but still enjoyable on its own.

It’s nice to see that the rules provided also give advice as to how to play by video conference. We’re all trying to adapt our gameplay to suit the current circumstances, and it’s great that developers are considering this too, to make our lives a little easier.

Additionally, this can be played single player too, a real bonus in these times. Alternatively, you play with up to three players, and it’s suitable for ages 12+.

You can find the free download on its website.


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