Free League Publishing release new campaign for Forbidden Lands

25 June 2020
Another great looking one from Free League Publishing

Creators of Alien RPG, and Tales from the Loop RPG, it’s sometimes easy to forget that Free League Publishing has numerous other amazing RPG’s, and regularly treat us to new updates or new storylines. Now, it has announced The Bitter Reach, a new campaign for the tabletop roleplaying game Forbidden Lands.


Forbidden Lands is a new take on fantasy roleplaying, where you’re raiders and rogues wanting to make your mark on the world, using exploration to find your missions. We recommended it in our review, which you can check out online, but makes it exciting to see what is proposed for The Bitter Reach.


Inside the book, you’ll find two new magic disciplines to consider, that of Elemental Magic and Ice Affinity, as well as the new Champion progression and talents. There are rules for travel in snow, the cold, and fuel, and 40 new encounters to consider.


That’s not all either, there are eight new monsters including a Wendigo, and Frost Dragon, and you’ll find The Wake of the Winter King campaign, including eight key players who seek to dominate the riches hidden under the Bitter Reach. There are also ten complete illustrated adventure sites that can be played in any order. Plus, as you’d expect, an epic campaign finale.


So what's the cost?


From Free League Publishing directly, the cost of this is £29.29, and you’ll receive the PDF after purchase. For that you’ll receive an illustrated hardback book of 312 pages.

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It recommends further purchasing the Bitter Reach Map & Cards Pack, another addition to the series. This provides a large double-sided map of the Reach,  stickers to denote adventure sites, and fourteen custom playing cards for mounts and magical artefacts. These are £14.14, or can be part of a bundle at the currently reduced cost of £33.50.




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