Expansion announced for Arkham Horror in The Innsmouth Conspiracy

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01 May 2020
For just the right amount of horror

Fantasy Flight’s Arkham Horror represents a benchmark in card games, described a cooperative living card game amid a backdrop of Lovecraftian horror. As a result, we’ve already seen five expansions to the popular game, and there’s no sign of slowing down.


The Innsmouth Conspiracy is Fantasy Flight’s sixth expansion, and is set in Innsmouth, a weathered town not far from Arkham, which maintains an aura of decay. The shoreline contains half-flooded tidal tunnels and coves- and it asks, ‘Who knows what strange, abyssal trinkets you might find, among the skeletons of fish and rotting seaweed?’


In this expansion you’ll receive two new scenarios. Call of the Deep Ones sees you awake in a watery cave with a need to escape as the tides are rising. You have no memory of how you got there, and as these slowly resurface you’ll travel across town to search for further answers – at your own peril. In this campaign, you’ll gain new mechanics of keys and flood tokens, to add interactivity.


In A Blessing or a Cures? Introduces bless tokens and curse tokens. You’ll interact with a host of player cards, including Sister who provides additional bless tokens. Bless tokens push you closer to success, not providing final answers. But be careful, Sister Mary could suffer a crisis of Faith, and your chaos bag could become filled with curse tokens.


 The Innsmouth Conspiracy is due to release ‘early in the fourth quarter of 2020’ but you can pre-order ahead of time.

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